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Work / Condominium

Altitude Unicorn Sathorn-Thaphra

Bangkok, Thailand
Altitude Unicorn Sathorn-Thaphra, Bangkok, Thailand
"Design Narrative"

Located on the podium at 6th floor, this common facility interfaces directly with nearby elevated driveway and sky train. Landscape Tectonix therefore proposed to create the enclosed garden with multi-level landscape setting as a design strategy so that the privacy and the experience of the residents can be considerably enhanced by landscape design.

Inspired by “Canyon”, the pool features “Canyon Pool” where spaces (Pool, Sitting areas, Pathway) and details are meticulously designed as if all design’s elements are precisely carved into the white stone creating the mesmerized experiences with intricate details. From the approach of the pool is the iconic opening framed the garden at the arrival. The walkway around the pool is intentionally designed as a meandering walk with universal design gradually going up and down creating the unexpected experiences with garden’s elements with level changes.

The pool surrounding is intentionally nestled by greenery to create the enclosed garden with privacy, coziness and pleasant ambience to the residents.

The stunning viewing deck on the upper level overlooking to the pool is part of the co-kitchen and its sitting spaces. It strongly emphasizes the concept of boundless space between interior and exterior spaces.

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Progress Completed
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