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Work / Private House & Housing

SIRANINN Residences - Main Gate

Bangkok , Thailand

"Design Narrative” . . Appointed by Singha Estate Public Company Limited as a landscape design consultant of the new luxury brand for single house “Siraninn Residence”, our scopes of work are from clubhouse’s space planning and landscape design including main gate design. . . As the heritage to the next generation, Siraninn Residences defines the timeless yet modern contemporary design elaborating the living quality with large open space, lush greenery, preservation of existing tree and green system throughout the project. . . Nestled by the lush layering of plant in various heights, textures and forms, this seclude garden serves as the community’s main garden offering leisure activities around the park connected thoroughly by a simple loop of meandering walkway. . . At the main garden, the composition between a strong landscape axis and a natural landscape setting concurrently enhances the sense of luxury and the intimate touch of nature with the accent of a set of art piece. . . Moreover, level changes in the garden also plays important role to create the hierarchy of space and captivating landscape settings such as a sitting terrace with feature tree at the upper level, a small gathering place with trellis at the ground and a small amphitheater at the lower terrace. . . Residents therefore can stroll around the garden and pamper themselves by taking deep breath for fresh air, walking bare foot on grass and sitting under shade of a large evergreen tree. This is a place we can call “Home” . . Client >> Singha Estate Landscape Architect >> Landscape Tectonix Limited Photographer >> PanoramicStudio

Category Private House & Housing
Progress Completed
Year 2023
Size -
Client name Singha Estate