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Work / Private House & Housing

Setthasiri Krungthep Kreetha 2

Bangkok, Thailand

“The infinity park” as a main park at Setthasiri Krungthep Kreetha 2 in Bangkok, Thailand.

This green area, located adjacent to the clubhouse, is designed as a creative play park with multi-level landscape concept.

Connected by “the infinity path”, the main pathway is designed as one simple loop encouraging free play and free move with various nodes for social interactions in the natural landscape settings which are in high contrast between open space and shading space.

The boundless meandering path, strategically designed as universal design, aims to create the mesmerized experiences of the park in different perspectives from the tree top at the upper level, the large open lawn at the intermediate level to the pleasant intimate garden settings on the ground level.

As a concept of “Design for all”, the residents in three generations are welcome to interact within the park concurrently. The harmony between human and nature enhances the quality of living in the community.

Category Private House & Housing
Progress Completed
Year 2021
Size -
Client name Sansiri PLC