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Work / Private House & Housing

Grand Bangkok Boulevard East Rama 9

Bangkok, Thailand
Landscape Tectonix Limited has been appointed by SC Asset Corporation Plc as a landscape design consultant for Grand Bangkok Boulevard East Rama 9 in 2019 with the completion of the project in 2020.

Landscape Tectonix elaborately defines the subtle integration between architecture and landscape by creating the landscape axis in relation with the architectural axis.

Therefore, a serie of feature pavilion and the water feature are placed at the same alignment with the swimming pool to create the strong visual connection from semi-outdoor to outdoor spaces.

The transitional space between the clubhouse and the garden is strategically designed with no boundary. Therefore, all components in design are as one languages.

Delicately crafted with two layers of thought, the landscape elements aims to define the grand luxurious spaces as well as to create the exquisite intimate details.
Category Private House & Housing
Progress Completed
Year 2021
Client name SC Asset Corporation PLC