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Work / Condominium

The Monument Thonglor

Bangkok, Thailand

"The interpretation of Thai traditional house's space to the landscape at The Monument Thong Lor"​

 At The Monument Thong Lor’s backyard garden, TECTONIX illustrates the interpretation of the Thai traditional house and its garden to the landscape design concept integrated the various landscape settings and the lush greenery garden together with the preservation of the three existing giant rain trees.​

As an iconic feature in the garden, the tree house dominantly stands in the tropical garden formed by the existing giant rain trees and a large greenery lawn. The simple walkway in loop circulates around the garden with gentle slope and level changes.

The tree house, craftily cladded with natural timber, composes of the two levels’ multi-purposed functional spaces connected by staircase. This landscape feature encourages the residents to play joyfully around the garden, interact closely with nature and live flexibly in outdoor spaces for all day; the upper deck represents the large open space outside the Thai traditional house, while the lower deck portrays the high open space under the house.​

The layering of the plantation strategically defines the landscape architect's perspective of the aesthetic of the tropical garden to the modern contemporary design created by three layers of plant; the big mature tree defines the garden space, the eye-level small tree creates the depth in visual perception and privacy, the variety of shrubs motivates the intimate touch and senses.

Category Condominium
Progress Completed
Year 2019
Size -
Client name Sansiri PLC