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River House

, Thailand
River House, Thailand
River House, designed as a vacation house for a big family with members of multi-generations, is located along Chao Phraya River in Pathumthani Province. This luxury private hideaway features a modern contemporary architecture, a spacious riverfront garden and a series of courtyards offering the unparalleled riverside living experience and the essence of serenity. . The strategies in landscape design are carefully defined the landscape as a canvas of iconic architecture and pristine nature, additionally as either visual or physical transition between indoor and outdoor spaces with the modern contemporary approach. . As a canvas of a state of art architecture, the landscape design subtly creates the visual impact by using simple design fundamental techniques such as the contrast between open spaces and shading spaces, the composition of trees in different forms, shapes and textures, landforms and level changes as well as the cleanliness creating the essence of serenity and the beauty of vast nature. . A riverside landscape, carefully analyzed and proposed the strategic level of a garden, beautifully creates the seamless visual integration to the river with no obstructed elements. The main garden, defined as an upper terrace, is at the same level with house’s proposed level so that the spaces are seamlessly connected. The riverfront promenade, defined as lower terrace, is approximately lower by 1000 mm. with retaining wall and pathway offering the intimate riverside experiences. . Landform with a cluster of willow trees is proposed to camouflage the riverside lounge from the main building and to create a meandering walking path within the garden. . River House, therefore as a hideaway retreat, enhances the essence of serenity, strengthens the site context and promotes the collaborative design by using landscape design as a vital tool. . Architect >> OfficeAT Landscape Architect >> Landscape Tectonix Photographer >> Mi Methipat
Category Hospitality & Highend Residence
Progress Completed
Year 2020
Client name