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Work / Condominium

Life One Wireless

Bangkok, Thailand

Thanks to the vision of the owner and the design teams, from the commencement of the project up to the completion.

We have shared one commitment developing property to enhance the quality of modern life, especially in Bangkok's CBD.

Regarded as the most dynamic, fast growing and populous city with the advent of the air pollution crisis.

Therefore, as a vital role of the landscape architect. TECTONIX strongly proposed the landscape design concept involving the harmony of human and nature.


Creating the unique characteristic of the landscape design with the harmony with nature...the preservation of the existing Bodhi trees located on site is one of the missions to inherit the natural heritage to the residents, to protect a natural habitat for the living creatures and to sustain the green area to our planet. All Bodhi trees are well integrated as part of the new garden composing the variety of plants, a large open lawn and green area creating the enclosed greenery within the city area as "the urban oasis"


"The urban oasis" is all nestled by the picturesque landscape achieving many design goals; as an aesthetic memorable ambience of the legendary Wireless road, as a main garden for the residents to interact with nature and as an urban ecology landscape for the living creatures as well as as a lung for a city.


Comprehensively defined at the conceptual design stage, the lush landscape setting would not create the great impact if there was no high level of integration with other areas. Therefore, not only the ground landscape, but also the other on-structure landscape floors have been well integrated with one goal.


"The cascade garden" located on 10th Floor therefore is strategically designed as an urban sanctuary for the residents to breath the fresh air, wander around the greenery and motivate their sensory in a place nestled by the richness of greenery.

The hierarchy of space formed by the hardscape compositions, the arrangement of plant and the level changes meticulously creates a sequence of experience, the visual harmony as well as the proper functionality in the garden.


Located on the top roof of the tower, "The sky park" with its unparalleled Bangkok CBD's view is just in front of you.

Strategically designed as part of the swimming pool at the upper terrace, this lower terrace meticulously designs as multi-level landscape offering the various landscape settings with privacy and unobstructed view.

Category Condominium
Progress Completed
Year 2020
Size -
Client name AP (Thailand) PLC