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Work / Retail & Placemaking

Chapter Charoennakorn Riverside

Bangkok, Thailand

Located at the riverfront of Chao Phraya River, the sale gallery’s landscape design features three major components; the garden, the drop-off and the waterfront. The garden aesthetically leads the customer from the parking to the main building by using the long meandering path. Having the lush greenery along the passageway, the contemplative ambience intentionally slows down the pace and intimates the senses of the customers as the beginning of the experience. The drop-off Immediately opens up to the larger space of the drop-off, this welcome courtyard is subtly composed by the conceptual composition between architecture and landscape framed by the larger scale courtyard. The main building stands in the higher level connected by the grand staircase with the grass meadow on both sides. The water element, with its fine curvilinear craft, strategically positions in the center creating the sense of auditory around the area people always pass by. The waterfront Nothing is important than the interpretation of this space to be the visual space. Mainly covered by the volume of water, the waterfront landscape allows only two connections with functional spaces from the interior; 1.the reception area to the floating terrace and 2.the coffee café to the sunken seat. The rest is the shallow pond creating the stunning reflecting effect to the river. The cluster of tree is needed around the show unit to create the soft touch and the foreground to the river.

Category Retail & Placemaking
Progress Completed
Year 2019
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