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Work / Condominium

Rhythm Charoenkrung Pavilion (Main Garden)

Bangkok , Thailand

"Design Narrative" . . Located in Charoenkrung area, the important Urban District with diverse people, cultures, and rooted histories. It’s also adjacent to Shrewsbury International School, close to CBD district of Sathorn as well as Chao Phraya River. This project targeted users who are parents of international school kids, expats, international school’s staff, and executives. . . “Urban Green” Located in the urbanized area with high density, this residential development therefore aims to enhance the quality of life by promoting the interaction between human and nature, creating “Wellbeing” concept within the enclosed garden and maximizing “Green fabric” to the public as much as we can. Safety and security are the main priorities in designing this project. This “Gated Community” has provided the connectivity with Vehicular-free. Also focuses on co-living between generations reflected on variates of open space that are designed as integrate space for different generations to use and interact as well as inclusivity of universal designs. With pathways that smoothly connect the spaces and connected to the small gate on Charoenkrung roadside for children to be able to walk to school by themselves conveniently and safely. . . Landscape architect provides “The International Village” with a Main open space of Enclosed Courtyard buffered with a Wellbeing dense trees functioned as main healthy green space and center of multiple outdoor facilities connecting Amphitheater, Tree decks, Pavilions and Private lawn to the main building. Enhancing activities that promote creativity and imagination. Also reflect into the selected material define a Local craft with international charm. Educational playground within nature is created by integrating activities with green area by designing space rather than tangible objects to enhance children’s free play, free movement to unlock their creativities as well as providing integrated space for gatherings, collaborations and exploring. Forest Therapy is the main concept in designing softscape. Plantings are selected under the concept of well-being environment which is the combination of air purification plants, high-oxygen generating plants, dust trapping plants and shaded plants to create a pleasant micro-climate. . . For Extra Safety concerns among small children sitting area for parents are provided near the playground, details of each element in the landscape are proposed to have no sharp edges while plantings are also carefully chosen not to come with thorns, poisons or pests attracting. . .

Category Condominium
Progress Completed
Year 2023
Size -
Client name AP (Thailand) PLC