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Work / Condominium

The Monument Thonglor

Bangkok , Thailand

At the first visit to this site, the landscape designer team was immediately impressed by a group of the existing mature trees, the giant rain trees, dominantly stood throughout the site.

Thank to the vision of the owner, Sansiri PLC, these existing trees were well preserved, carefully transplanted and skillfully pampered by the professional teams (the arborists, the landscape contractors, etc.), the comprehensive plan commenced at the beginning of the project through the design process and the construction management to ensure that we could perfectly deliver the over 60-year-old tree to the property.

Inspired by the annual ring of tree, the curvilinear line was the design's signature elements creating the iconic design language. The landscape design has been conceptualized by the position of the existing rain trees forming the simple garden path around the site with the gentle level changes. The feature in the garden was the modern tree house offering the shaded cozy corner at the ground and the open to sky terrace at the upper level.

The ultimate goals of this task were to create the urban landscape offering the various results in design such as the micro climate and the urban ecology, to demonstrate the multi-disciplinary collaborations between landscape architects, arborists, landscape contractors, construction management teams and the owner from the design stage throughtout the completion of the project as well as to illustrate how the preservation and the development could integrate together especially in the urban context.

Developer : Sansiri PLC
Landscape Architect : Landscape Tectonix Limited
Photographer : SkyGround architectural film & photography

Category Condominium
Progress Completed
Year 2019
Size -
Client name Sansiri PLC